COVID-19 Protocols

Guests will feel very comfortable and safe while staying at Twin Peaks B&B. The facility is quite spacious and each group will have your own private dining area for breakfast which you can be utilized anytime during the stay.  Enhanced cleaning measures and Covid-19 protocols are in place based on provincial guidelines.    Please do your part by exercising social distancing, washing hands regularly, wearing masks when appropriate, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and reporting any symptoms of Covid 19. 


Here is what you can expect:


Reduced Capacity: 

~30-40% reduction in number of guests 

~ Each room or group will have their own dining room for breakfast.

~For group bookings, please call us directly.


Enhanced Health & Safety Measures:

~ 24 hours buffer between rentals (some exceptions may apply)

~ Rooms ventilated and fumigated upon check-out

~Guests to complete screening questionnaire in advance of arrival. 

~Masks required in common areas

~Rooms equipped with disinfectant cleaners and disposable cloths. 

~PPE and approved disinfectants used in rooms, kitchen and common areas.

~All linens and soft materials thoroughly laundered between bookings.

~Guests are asked to fill laundry bag provided with soiled linens before check-out.


Social Distancing:

~Contactless  check-in and check-out.

~Masks are mandatory in guest foyer and stairwell leading to room. 

~Separate entrance provided for guest use.

~Receipts will be emailed. 

~Communications by email, text or phone call will be encouraged.


Food Services:

~Each room will be assigned their own private dining room for breakfast.

~King Suite offered room service and in room dining.

~Individual use sugar, creamers, salt & pepper, jams, juices, ketchup packets will be provided when possible. 

~Outdoor seating and take out containers will be available.

~Masks and gloves will be worn during food service and clean up.

~Kitchen work areas cleaned/disinfected regularly.

~Dishes, cutlery and glassware are cleaned at high temperatures in dishwasher.