Our Breakfasts

We love preparing appetizing breakfasts for our guests to enjoy each morning.  A menu with 2 options will be found in your room to fill out  and we try to change up the menu each day to give you a variety of choices during your stay. You may hear our coffee machine grinding up coffee beans first thing in the morning to brew you a pot of  delicious coffee.  If you prefer tea,  help yourself to the tea cart with a wide selection of teas.  A bowl of freshly prepared fruit salad, orange juice, local preserves and ice water will be ready for you on the breakfast table.


We aim to use fresh and local ingredients as much as we can.  The eggs and sausages are supplied by local farmers and the preserves are picked up from the local farmer's markets.  


Please advise us in advance of any dietary restrictions you may have. 

Gluten Free Diets

Dairy Free Diets  

Vegetarian, Vegan Diets